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Nancy Belle Hahn is an entrepreneur, author, multimedia content creator, and songwriter. She is the first woman in the United States to build a UHF Broadcast TV Station, which she owned and operated for 25 years.

Hahn is the Founder and Owner of the iHeartRadio Stations: iRead2Know iHeartRadio and iHeart Family, iRead2Know Podcast Station, MyToons Radio iHeartRadio, Planet Pink Club Mobile Game iHeartRadio, American Busker iHeartRadio, American Busker Podcast Station iHeartRadio and Playlist iHeartRadio Stations: The Adventures of Eshe the Ethiopian Elephant, and iRead2Know Workshop.


Hahn began her early career as an elementary school teacher, Board of Education Curriculum Writer, professional dancer, Head of the College Dance Department, and Dance Instructor at The Community Colleges of Allegheny County and all its branch campuses. She is also its dance company Founder and Choreographer.

Hahn's development of the program made the college dancer courses that she taught academically accredited. Following that, she began writing and producing children's TV shows. Hahn creates children's books and multi-platform and multicultural media to educate and entertain. She uses her professional BMI radio songwriting skills in pop, classical, rock, Broadway, opera, and reggae music genres to compose a musical score and song track for each character and song in all her children's books.

Hahn has created 75 children's books and 150 original children's characters and has written 12 children's musicals. The animal characters created by her are critically endangered species, engaging children in environmental awareness and conservation education. She created the first Ethiopian children's character, book series, and musical: The Adventures of Eshe the Ethiopian Elephant. She created One Lost Boy, Planet Pink, Hello Zuri, Puppies of Puccini book and musical, and DaVinci the musical. Greenpeace has applauded NeNe's Travel Adventures as a great bio-diversity lesson for parents and children.

Hahn has worked with retail outlets for over ten years, creating apparel, toys, and books products. She developed the Planet Pink Club mobile game and the play to learn Metaverse Games as edutainment for kids consisting of games focused on social and emotional learning, introducing fine arts to children.

Hahn built a broadcast TV station dedicated to Variety Entertainment for 25 years, emphasizing children and family programming. She creates all the content for her family of iHeartRadio Stations: iRead2Know iHeartRadio Network, iRead2Know iHeartRadio Podcast Station, iRead2Know Workshop iHeartRadio, MyToonsRadio iHeartRadio, The Adventures of Eshe the Ethiopian Elephant iHeartRadio, Puppies of Puccini iHeartRadio and Planet Pink Club Mobile Game iHeart Radio Podcast Station.

Hahn wrote, produced, and choreographed live stage shows nationwide for STX Clearchannel Outdoor Venues and was an International Broadband Media and Spectrum Consultant for NextWave International.

In June 2022, Abundance International published Hahn's Comfort For Kids book, dedicated to supporting Ukrainian orphans.

Hahn's books are sold in Walmart, Target, and K-Mart, as well as in all online booksellers and libraries worldwide.

"Every character I create and book I write, every song I compose, and dance I choreograph is filled with boundless love and joy!"

- Nancy Hahn

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